Pink and Lime Polka Dot Party

Ava Grace celebrated her first birthday in true pink and lime polka dot style.

Her sweet polka dot pillowcase dress prepared her guests for the abundance of homemade treats that ALMOST looked too good to eat on these lime plates and polka dot napkins. The pink and lime birthday cake, tea cakes, and cupcakes kept the guests drooling over their taste and cuteness!

Party favors consisted of personalized polka dot lollipops with a special sticker printed in honor of the birthday girl. How much better can it get? Crystal pushed her pink and lime polka dot theme to the polka dot limit-and we LOVE it!

The summertime celebration catering to over 100 guests included a Mickey Mouse jump house, water slides, pink and lime silly string, and of course pink and lime baby pools. This polka dot theme created a real "splash" amongst Ava Grace's friends and family!

The perfect party accessories for any color scheme can be found at Polka Dot Market, including these items shown in Crystal's photos:


  1. Wow this is awesome. This would make having and organizing a birthday party so simple!

  2. Oh I love pink and green! Love this party, so cute!

  3. this blog is so neat!!! I love your pictures of the party and your baby looks devine!!! Wow how i got here don't know but glad i did.This is a wicked blog!!!! RubyM:)

  4. What a cute party! Sometimes, little features such as lighting can create a memorable atmosphere.


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