Polka Dot Owl Birthday Party!

Look Whooo’s Turning ONE! In honor of Miya and Bode’s first birthday, Cristil threw them an owl polka dot themed party.

The owl and polka dot birthday hats along with favor bags filled with pretzel sticks (acting as twigs) and robin egg candies were the perfect treat for the little birdies. Cristil put special detail into the Hershey bar favor wrappers that were displayed inside a “wedding card holder” bird cage, as well as the personalized water bottles.

The circle shaped tables were decorated with confetti and little birds & owls. She made highchair circle banners with RESERVED seating signs for the VIP attendees (Miya and Bode of course!) The pink, orange, lime green, turquoise & white ribbons tied on the backs of all of the chairs added even more detail to the party room.

A banner hung above a bouquet of polka dot balloons displaying photos from Miya and Bode’s birth up until age one. The room became instantly transformed when Cristil took brown paper bags and rolled them into balls (1000 bags to be exact) to create 3D trees around the room. The additional birds & owls made out of scrap booking paper undoubtedly created a fun and imaginative atmosphere for the guests!

Miya & Bode’s handmade birthday outfits were the icing on their polka dot cake! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful party photos, Cristil!


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