Polka Dot Party Pack Giveaway { 4,000 Facebook Fans }

We are launching a new party product at Polka Dot Market in the next few weeks.  An easy order party pack option that you are going to help us build!

Tell us what you would like included in a "Party for 8" party pack that is premade and available to order with one-click.  Take a minute to browse the product categories at Polka Dot Market then come back and tell us your TOP 4 items that you want in a party pack.

Your comment is your chance to win your own "Polka Dot Party Pack" - custom designed by YOU!

To win, you must leave your email address below with your comment.  And your comment must include your TOP 4 products that you want to see in your party pack.

Thanks for helping us reach 4,000 fans - we love hearing your feedback and we always put your ideas into practice at Polka Dot Market.

Okay, time to enter!  Entries will close on Sunday, January 30th at midnight CST.

(Comment with your email address and TOP 4 polka dot party pack items - 1 comment per person only.)

Thanks - can't wait to read your ideas!
- Sally


  1. Love Love Love the Black and Pink Name Banner, The hot pink polka dot balloons, Crown - "Birthday Girl" Paisley, and the Hot Pink Paper Lantern( Love the pettis too. Such a great giveaway :-)


  2. I haven't decided on colors yet, but I'd love a box with balloons, gumballs n more, cupcake liners, and toppers n tags! These are all my favorite things to have at a party.

  3. Top 4:
    1: http://www.polka-dot-market.com/catalog.php?item=849&catid=80&ret=catalog.php%3Fpage%3D2%26category%3D80
    2: http://www.polka-dot-market.com/catalog.php?item=700&catid=91&ret=catalog.php%3Fcategory%3D91

    love the hot pink!!

  4. What a GREAT idea! I would do more of a party decor box since it needs to be one click order-able...

    My Top 4:
    -Polka Dot Balloons, of course!
    -Paper Lantern (or Fabric Lantern)
    -Mini Lanterns
    -Tissue Flowers

    PS: I think a "Party Girl" and "Party Boy" box would be cute, too....include bows, Tshirt, birthday hat, and tutu or pettiskirt for girls, etc...you get the point! I would buy that! :)

    Awesome giveaway!


  5. Love everything, it was hard to pick just 4! But I picked the invites, the cupcake liners, the gumballs and the poms/lanterns. Pretty much most of the essentials in one box!


  6. As a mom to a little boy I would love the birthday banner in blue and chocolate, the pails in blue and chocolate, light blue balloons with dots and the aqua with chocolate dots cupcake cups!


  7. I absolutely love your website! Everything is so cute and it is hard to choose only four! I have been looking at stuff for my little girl's first birthday! The four items that I would like are: 1) Polka dot ballons in pink and green 2) the favor tags in hot pink and lime 3) the pin wheels in either pink, green, or purple 4) the mini lanterns in either lime or pink! My email address is speedyop7@aol.com.

  8. I would have to choose the toppers & tags in hot pink and lime, hot pink polka dot balloons, the birthday girl paisley crown and hot pink paper lanterns! :) Great giveaway!

  9. Congrats on 4000!!

    I would want the zebra cupcake cups, plates swiss dot pink, napkins swiss dot pink, and hot pink lanterns:)

  10. I know I still have 6 months to go, but I have already started planning my little girl's 1st birthday! I can't help it...all the stuff on your site is too cute. My top 4 items would be:
    1) DIY cupcake tower-round
    2) 19" tissue daisy-hot pink
    3) custom high chair banner
    4) polka dot balloons in hot pink, orange & royal purple (of course!)

    Thank you for all your inspiration.
    God Bless,

  11. I love:
    Birthday banner
    balloons- aqua dots
    cupcake cups Hot Pink Dots
    Printed favor tags hot pink & lime

  12. OOH FUN FUN!!!

    1. Polka dot balloons for sure!
    2. Globes...unusual & unique
    3. A set of invitations
    4. Set of plates/Napkins (I know that's two things I snuck in there- but how can I pick just 4?!?)

    mammaliciousmamma at yahoo dot com

  13. Hard to pick just four, but my top four would be what I consider party basics:

    1. balloons
    2. plates
    3. cupcake liners
    4. napkins

    All polka dot of course!


  14. My top 4 would be:
    -polka dot balloons
    -birthday banner
    -polka dot cupcake liners
    -cupcake tags / toppers

    Love these!
    Shannon Louhoff

  15. How can I pick just 4?! Your products are so unique! My top 4: Polka Dot Balloons, Mix n Match Paper Items, Pinwheels & Polka Dot Fabric Lanterns.


  16. my top 4- spots hot pink dessert plates + bev napkins, hot pink+ lime favor tags and pink gumballs!

  17. I heart the following 4 items:
    "Happy Birthday" Girl Stripes Hat
    Hot Pink Dots Balloons
    Pink Gumballs
    Hot Pink Ruffle Pettiskirt


  18. My top four:
    1. Birthday Banner
    2. Polka Dot Ballooons
    3. Favor Boxes
    4. Birthday hat


  19. mamasmessages@gmail.com

    I would love to throw my son a monkey birthday party for his 2nd birthday! So I would want:
    1) Chocolate dots and Grass green balloons!
    2) The boys shortall with the monkey and number :) LOVE that!
    3) Honeycomb globes! (Green)
    4) Lime dots treat boxes

    Great giveaway!!! :) Congrats on 4000 followers!

  20. Littleshorti04@yahoo.com
    I am already getting a jumpstart to plan my precious angels 1st Birthday! I would put the 1.) Black and Hot pink polkadot ballons LOVE THEM
    2.) Hot pink lanterns
    3.) Black and Hot pink polka dot cups, napkins and plates.
    4.) and last but not least the black polka dot gift bags. ADORABLE!!

  21. cbenavidez@galenaparkisd.com
    Okay I took this to mean something generic that could work for any party so here goes:
    "A Lot of Dots" Box!!
    Includes (you choose the color combo from a list):
    set of 8 polka dot plates, napkins, cups
    matching treat boxes
    matching lanterns
    matching balloons

    Everything you need for a perfectly pretty polka dot party!

  22. Oh Sally, you make it oh so hard to choose only 4!

    I would have to go with the swiss dot black/white plates, the black with white dot cupcake liners, the yellow w/ white fabric lanters, and the yellow w/ white dot balloons.

    I am in the process of planning my husband's welcome home party. He will be coming back home to us (YAY YAY YAY!!!) after another long year in Afghanistan. We are doing the US Army star theme/colors. In 4 deployments, this will be the first time I have thrown a welcome home party and I am thrilled to highlight some wonderful items! Either way the contest goes, I am definitely the winner by having him come home to us. Best Wishes to everyone!

  23. I used your site for my daughter's first birthday, and I'm so excited to start planning her second!

    I would love:
    1. Chocolate/Pink Baloons
    2. Chocolate/Pink Banner
    3. Chocolate/Pink Treat Boxes
    4. Chocolate Pink Plate/Cups

    Love your site!!

  24. courtney@applebeesatlanta.com
    What a great idea. Congrats on 4,000 fans...that is wonderful.
    I would LOVE:
    1. red and white polka dot BIG favor boxes
    2. primary spots dessert plates
    3. primary colored polka dot balloons (red, blue, yellow)
    4. DIY cupcake tower

  25. I would love to use your products in conjunction with Tomkat's lollipop collection for my daughter's third birthday!
    Top 4 Items:
    1. Polka Dot Ballons - Hot Pink & Yellow
    2. Fabric Dots Lanterns - Bright Pink, Yellow & Light Blue
    3. Tissue Daisy - 19" Hot Pink & 14" Turquoise
    4. Vintage Bottle - Hot Pink & Clear

  26. Lime, orange, & red polka dot balloons
    Sock monkey beverage napkins
    Lime dot treat boxes
    Sock monkey desert plates

    Courtney W

  27. Fun! Fun! Fun!
    1. hot pink and orange large and small lanterns
    2. hot pink and orange cupcake cups
    3. Dotty stripe favor box
    4. hot pink and orange balloons

  28. Balloons, treat boxes, plates and napkins.
    Thanks for the chance! sheragarrett@bellsouth.net

  29. liz060907@gmail.com

    Top 4 items would be:
    lime green and light pink balloons
    Cupcake Toppers and Thank you tags
    lime and light pink lanterns
    lime dot treat boxes

  30. Hi! I would gladly fill a Polka Dot Market party box with the following items to celebrate my daughter Madyn's 2nd Birthday:

    1.) Balloons ~ Hot Pink or Lime Dots
    2.) Gumballs ~ Bright Pink or Lime (1 lb.)
    2.) Treat Boxes ~ 8" Fuschia or Lime Dots
    4.) Pillowcase Dress ~ Sorbet Disco Dots ~ 24 months

    This will be her second polka dot party! ~Sheryl (sweller5@usddenlink.net)

  31. My top 4 picks for my daughter's upcoming red and pink elmo party are:

    1. Custom Ribbon Wreath - LOVE
    2. Red Dot Balloons
    3. Red Dot Cupcake Cups
    4. Spots Red and Black Dinner Plates

    Thanks, love your store! Amanda (medack@earthlink.net)

  32. -polka dot balloons in red, yellow and blue
    -8 inch red dot treat boxes
    -bright spots primary dessert plates (i don't need the dinner plates for the party i am planning)
    -circus stripe appliqued tee with a "J" on it in size 6

  33. LOVE this giveaway!! Soo many things to choose from, this is hard!!

    Here are my Top 4 itmes:
    1. Mini Pink & Aqua Lantterns
    2. Teal & Hot Pink dot cupcake cups
    3. Fushia Dots Treat Boxes
    4. Pink & Aqua Dot Ballons

  34. I love your website Sally!!
    Everything Pink!
    1.)Polka Dot Pink Cups
    2.)Pink Plates
    3.)Polka Dot Pink Balloons
    4.)Cupcake Liners.


  35. First of all I love everything on your site! You can't go wrong with anything. I am planning a black and hot pink polka dot BARBIE party and I love
    1. The party caddy with black and white dots
    2. Black and white zebra pillowcase dress with pink ribbon~size 4
    3. Black and Hot Pink dot balloons
    4. Spots Black/Pink Plates & Napkins

  36. OH my I love it all how can i pick just 4
    1. shirt
    2. tutus
    3. any of the cupcake stuff
    4 Love the party hats

  37. I am planning on ordering items from your site for my little princesses 2nd birthday party! I LOVE everything you have to offer! I would choose 1) Balloons (of course)
    2) Toppers
    3) Birthday Hats &
    4) Favor Bags.
    I think those are some of the essentials. Then everyone can order their own specialty items the specifically want! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!!!

  38. I love all your stuff...Top 4 things
    1-polka dot balloons
    2- lanterns
    3-cupcake liners
    4-the fitted tee with my #2

    Would love to win!!!

  39. I'm doing a spy party in black, white, lime green for my Son's 5th birthday so I would love to have:

    Houndstooth cupcake liners

    Treat boxes in white with black polkadots

    Black with white polkadots balloons

    Black Tissue Daisy

    Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win something!!!

  40. What an awesome give away Sally!

    My Top 4 Items are:

    1. Red Polka Dot Balloons
    2. Red 6" Mini Lanterns
    3. Red Polka Dot Treat Boxes
    4. Red Polka Dot Cupcake Cups


    Thank you so much, I love all of your products :)


  41. coolfamilyblog@yahoo.com

    1. Balloons!

    2. Plates

    3. Tissue Poms

    4. Cupcake Liners

    I personally chose red and black everything because I'm pretty sure I'm doing a Ladybug theme for my daughter's 2nd Bday in August. Oh, and my #2 would be a Happy Birthday Banner, but I see that you only have a few styles/colors available now. I purchased the pink & green for my daughter's 1st Bday last year and loved it!


  42. My favorite four are:
    1) the red tissue poms
    2) the red polka dot ballons
    3) the small red dot treat boxes
    4) yellow polka dot balloons

    this would be perfect for my daughters' upcoming birthday party!


  43. I think the Top 4 for a Party of 8 box would be:
    1. Plates and Napkins
    2. Cupcake Liners
    3. Balloons
    4. Cupcake Toppers and Favor Tags

    I of course love many of yor items, but to choose the basics for a Party of 8 box this is what I would include.

    My favorite items you have are:
    1. Banners (Happy Birthday and Highchair)
    2. Cupcake Liners, toppers and favor tags (personalized)
    3. Treat boxes
    4. Plates, napkins


  44. Love, love this site! My daughter's first birthday is coming up and of course, we are doing a polka dot theme!!! If I had to build the perfect box it would include: balloons, favor bags/boxes, plates, and toppers/tags.


  45. LOVE your site and LOVE this contest!
    Here is what I would choose for the birthday box...
    *Hot pink polka dot treat boxes
    *Hot pink & Green Honeycomb Globes
    *Hot pink & Green cupcake liners
    *Hot pink & Green Toppers & Tags


  46. mandajo_05@yahoo.com

    1. hot pink & lime green polka dot balloons
    2. cupcake liners (hot pink & lime green)
    3. Happy Birthday Banner
    4. lanterns (hot pink & lime green

    As you can tell, I'm doing pink & green for my daughters 1st birthday which is coming up in June. I've already started planning things and have written down what all I need to get from ya'll! So excited!!!

  47. Love, Love, Love your products and customer service!!

    Black and Pink Party

    1. Pink Pettiskirt
    2. Black and Pink Balloons
    3. Black and Pink Dinner Plates
    4. Black and Pink Birthday Banner

    Happy Valentine's Day ~


  48. WOW! Hard to only pick 4, but my choices would be:
    1. Banner
    2. Balloons
    3. Invitations
    4. Cupcake Toppers

    Thank you for asking our opinions!!

  49. The 4 things I would say you HAVE to have for a party are:
    1. Polka dot balloons
    2. Polka dot plates
    3. Tissue daisies
    4. Favor boxes/tags

    The party box is a great idea!!

  50. Absolutely love your website......it is making it so fun to start planning my little girl's 1st birthday party! My list is long!!!

    1. outfit
    2. balloons
    3. invitations
    4. banner

    Thanks, Nora Lee Evans jnbevans@upperspace.net

  51. Wow, great site!

    1.balloons pink dots
    2.Invitations spots pink fill in
    3. premade favor, pink dots bag
    4. treat box 4" dotty stripe

    Thanks! Leah Mosqueda leelee_ou@yahoo.com

  52. From Vanessa at poikai@aol.com

    Gotta love the polka dot plates, polka dot balloons, gum ball favors, and a personalized onesie or shirt! Perfect party!

    One request...

    Where's the PURPLE!?!?!?!

  53. I love everything on this site...it's my new favorite. I can't wait to use my pink and purple balloons and lanterns for my daughter's fancy nancy party tomorrow!!!
    If I could pick four thing for a box I think I would like them to be themed for boy or girl.
    1 - bows or shirt
    2 - polk a dot balloons
    3 - paper lanterns
    4 - cupcake toppers/tags
    1 - shirt
    2 - balloons
    3 - cupcake toppers/tags
    4 - matching plates/ napkins

    Can't wait to see who wins!!!

  54. So excited to find your site! We're sooo totally going to have a polka-dot birthday party! Only 4 items?!!!! We're definitely going to order MORE, but our 4 favs are:
    1) Spots Hot Pink plates
    2) Spots Hot Pink napkins
    3) Lime Green cupcake liners
    4) Dots Treat boxes
    Love, love, love your things...

  55. So glad I found your site!!

    1 - Cupcake Cups - Orange Dots (50)
    2 - DIY Cupcake Tower - Round
    3 - Treat Boxes - 8" Lime Dots (10)
    4 - Lanterns - Mini Orange (2)


  56. WOW! It was fun reading everyone's choices. It really is difficult choosing just 4. We are busy planning my daughter's baby shower. The baby isn't even here yet and we've begun thinking about her first birthday party for next year..... 'cuz your website has given us some REALLY FUN and unique ideas for both the baby shower and first birthday party. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE BIRTHDAY NUMBER AND TUTI IDEA!!!
    Ok....here's my top four picks:
    1. pink (and green) balloons
    2. Pink and green plates
    3. pink party favor bags
    4. pink (and green) gum-balls!

    My daughter and I love your website!!!!! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS :)
    Kristin @ hickorytech.net
    (I wasn't able comment below with my email address because the message kept coming back as saying "URL contains illegal characters")

  57. A Preppy Polka dot Party for 8...
    1) hot pink, lime green & pink polka dot balloons
    2) preppy plaid napkins
    3) hot pink spot plates
    4) lime green gable boxes
    (and then of course a banner, cups, and some toppers) ;)

  58. debrakight@bellsouth.net

    Love the pink and lime polka dotted them!
    1)napkines, plates, forks & spoons
    2)cupcake display
    3)banner with name
    4)paper lanterns

  59. I LOVE everything!!! :)

    I would love to have some stuff for a boy/girl type party.

    1. balloons!!! orange & aqua and hot pink & yellow

    2. matching cupcake liners
    3. matching tissue pom poms
    4. matching lanterns

    Your balloons are my favorite...they just make me happy! :)

    Thank you!


  60. Lots to choose from, I love it all! My top 4 would have to be:
    1. pink lanterns-the big ones!
    2. pink mum luncheon napkins
    3. chocolate and pink plates
    4. chocolate and pink name banner

  61. Oh sorry, I forgot to give you my email address. It's joyzesuz@hotmail.com

  62. Pamela Lopez-OmlinJanuary 30, 2011 at 6:28 PM

    I would love to fill my box with pink polka dot cupcake liners, paper plates and napkins, balloons with streamers and pink paper lanterns!!!

  63. WOW!! So hard to choose just 4 because everything is FABULOUS! I am planning a graduation party for my twin daughters and we love the black and pink stuff. So, the polka dot plates, napkins, pink gumballs and some black and pink polka dot balloons! Thanks, Tracy Neighbors

  64. Love to see the
    Cupcake toppers/tags
    treat boxes


  65. A polka dot party pack for 8

    1. 2 sets coordinating polka dot balloons
    2. Polka dot gable boxes
    3. Polka dot cupcake liners
    4. Polka dot plates


  66. Wow! Only 4?! I'd pick all things pink and green.
    Crown and girls outfit
    Polka Dot balloons
    Polka Dot tableware
    Cupcake toppers/tags

  67. Oh Sally everything is so wonderful! If I had to choose it would be items from the pink and green line. My daughter is having a Strawberry Shortcake 3rd birthday party in April and I'm incorporating pink and green polka dots and stripes.
    I'd choose:
    *pink dot balloons
    *lime dot balloons
    *Cupcake toppers/tags
    *lime and pink hair bow

  68. Oops! My email is

  69. I love this giveaway! I would love and would totally purchase this pack if it included these 4 items for every party. Of course in different colors and such.
    PolkaDot Plates
    PolkaDot Napkins
    PolkaDot Balloons
    Favor Boxes :)
    It is simple enough but something you need for EVERY party. Boy or Girl. First birthday or 9th...
    My email is Britanie@pinkytoesbaby.com

  70. It's so hard to choose just FOUR! But, if I must :) then I pick polka dot balloons (pink & orange) , paper lanterns (pink and orange) polka dot plates and the tissue accordian flowers - sounds like a great start to a fabulous party!!

    jen :)


  71. OMG I love this site, I am trying to organise my daughters first birthday and I can't decide, I think my top 4 items would be:
    Balloons - Polka dot balloons (Pink and chocolate)
    Birthday Banner
    Cupcake cups - pink and chocolate dots
    Fitted Tee - for the birthday girl

    Good luck everyone!
    Karen :)


  72. Good luck for the success in the future.Thanks

  73. Great idea! Planning b-day party and that would make it so easy! I would choose 1-lantern or pom (costumer could choose) 2- birthday banner 3- festive balloons (set number but mix and match dot and solid) 4- if I had to choose one, cupcake liners, but it could be the paper basics pack like a)plates b)napkins c)liners d)cupcake picks. I can't wait to order! Thanks and I love polka dots!

  74. Thanks this is really a great list.

    My top 4 would be:
    -mickey club house table centerpiece
    -personalized banners
    -mickey mouse dinner plate
    -mickey mouse cakes


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