Tutorial - Grand Crepe Paper Initial Door Decor

Today's party tutorial is by our sweet customer and creative lady, Carey!  I begged her for the instructions of how to make this fabulous giant initial...and I am now sharing it with you

Carey lists the supplies needed for us:
  • Styrofoam large enough to create your initial
  • Serrated knife or small hand saw to cut the styrofoam to shape
  • Sharpie marker to sketch/outline your initial on the styrofoam before you cut
  • Crepe paper, tissue paper, knit fabric or any cotton fabric (cut into 4" x 4" squares)
  • Pins and/or strong bond glue or low-heat glue gun

She used crepe paper found here which is more durable and thicker than tissue paper.

Step 1:
Lay your large piece of styrofoam (or foam core) on a safe surface for cutting (like the sidewalk or patio) and freehand draw your initial with a Sharpie marker.  Now cut out your initial with your craft knife, electric knife or small hand saw.

Step 2:
Gather your crepe paper or tissue paper (or I think knif fabric, tulle or even quilter's cotton would work great) and cut into oodles of 4" squares.   These will be the roses you need to cover your entire initial.

Step 3:
To create the rose, pinch the bottom of the 4" square in the middle.  Your edges will naturally flair up and bunch together.

Step 4:
Next twist the bottom of the square which will create a little flap or "stem". This flap will be what anchors the rose to the styrofoam.  As soon as you twist the crepe paper you will see you have created your rose.

Step 5:
To ensure your roses stick securely to the styrofoam you will need a low-heat glue gun for this step.  Place a dot of glue on the stryofoam.  You will see the stryofoam begin to melt a little.  Insert the "stem" tab you created on the rose into the glue dot, pressing down.  You can feel the rose attaching securely.

Note from Carey:  "I suggest first covering the edges of your initial, then the interior portions, and lastly the sides as it just makes it easier to work with."
Step 6:
Grab another 4" square and repeat steps 3-5 again!
Step 7:
When you are finished, use hot glue gun to attach a ribbon for hanging to the back of your initial.
Note from Carey:  "It took me about 2-3 naptimes to complete the project but once I begin to see it really taking shape I became a little obsessed to finish!  I honestly didn’t know if I could pull this off, but it really was easy and it was a great decoration for the party.  Her giant "P" initial now hangs on her bedroom door!  Feel free to leave a comment below if you have questions!"


  1. This is adorable! I love your comment about it taking 2-3 naps to finish. I totally feel you on that. Another thought, if the kiddies are old enough, maybe they could help? Great post!

  2. Crepe roses, the bane of my existence. I have never ever been able to make these properly. I am going to try Carey's instructions and see if this works...

    Mel at themeaparty

  3. I love how you described how long it took- 2 or 3 naptimes ha!

    Cute idea, the tutorial is helpful. Cannot wait to try this out. Where did you find this idea?


  4. That's a creative idea. I love how you could really customize that project for all kinds of shapes...Not just letters. Easy to understand tutorial as well! :-)

  5. how many sheets of crepe paper does the whole project need?

  6. This is one of the coolest ideas ever. You make it seem so easy to do!

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  8. Ha! This is such a great idea, and your blog did such a good job explaining how this wonderful creation was made. This is very cool, and we appreciate you sharing!

  9. This is such a great decoration. With this crepe paper, you have saved a lot of money,.

  10. I love this idea, and I am making it for my Kate's bedroom door! I just posted a tutorial on how to make flower hair clips that you may like. I love all of your ideas, and actually made a birthday banner like yours not too long ago! Can't wait to see more!

    Jessica K


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