Polka Dot Halloween Party Ideas

Friday, September 23rd is the first day of fall and I know many of you are planning parties for fall birthdays and Halloween, so let's share some ideas for incorporating polka dots into your themes!

Above is the Halloween photo shoot set-up for Visive Photography (Jacksonville, FL and High Point, NC photographer) styled by Preppy & Pink using many of our Polka Dot Market products, including our Halloween polka dot balloons.

Let's start with one of my favorites, mini candy corn treat sacks are ready for your personalized gift tag or sticker:

Something new this year to our shop are the cute polka dot cupcake wrapper sets complete with a black cat topper and a happy pumpkin topper:

I think these happy pumpkin stickers are the perfect addition to your favor backs for classroom parties, fall festivals, neighborhood gifts and more.  Dress up a simple brown paper lunch sack with your child's name in orange crayon and lots of pumpkin stickers (or let the kids color the bags and add the stickers for a party activity):

You know the popular tissue paper honeycomb globes for decorating parties?  I am smitten with these new tiny pumpkin picks - they are miniature versions of the large honeycomb globes.  Each pumpkin opens for a 3-D cupcake topper or appetizer pick.  How cute is that?

You don't want to miss our large 12" diameter paper pumpkin lanterns either!  These will look great with LED lights for Halloween night or hanging on your trunk for your church "Trunk or Treat".  Reusable year after year - simply fold flat and store with your decorations.  You can even hang each lantern with polka dot ribbon to increase the "cute" factor even more!

 Felt Halloween bags are so much fun.  This year's tote features a chiffon pumpkin applique OR a chenille white ghost applique.  These are less than $10 each for an adorable bag your child will use for years.  I love these bags to dress up a mantle or foyer table - fill with wrapped candies for your fall guests to sneak a sweet before they leave your home!

Looking for a Halloween or fall party favor idea?  Try our polka dot treat boxes paired with coordinating personalized pumpkin stickers!  Boxes are FDA-approved for food contact so fill with your best pumpkin bread or pumpkin muffins and spread the love this fall.

What, no sweets?  No treats?  I've got you covered.  Something easy that is right up my alley - Marshmallow Sprinkle Pops!  You can make without chocolate by first brushing or spritzing the marshmallows lightly with water or a glaze of powdered sugar + water.  This will make the sprinkles STICK to your marshmallow pops.  (Or try this easy chocolate-dipped version by Easie Peasie!)

Whatever you do, spend some time "shopping the house" to gather up any items that would work with your fall party or decorating color scheme.  Start with what you have!  Add orange and black polka dot ribbons, flowers, balloons, fabrics and more to items you already have at home.  By gathering items all in one place, you can have a beautiful party set-up just like Stacy of Preppy & Pink created for her Halloween photo shoot shown above (first photo).  No matter what, have fun and save a marshmallow sprinkle pop for me!

{11,000 Fans Giveaway} Custom Polka Dot Party Hat by Preppy & Pink

I cannot believe we just surpassed 11,000 fans on Facebook!  What an amazing ride...I really do enjoy posting party ideas, free printables and party finds for you each and every day.  Thank you for sticking around to see what will "pop" up next on the Polka Dot Market fan page wall!

Our good friend Stacy of Preppy & Pink has generously donated prize #1 for our 11,000 fans celebration and you are going to love it!

One winner will win a custom-designed polka dot paper party hat in your colors, your design, your birthday number or initial...Stacy will make your idea come to life in a fabulous way.  Just look at the photo above of a recent birthday hat she designed for a pink and yellow polka dot lemonade party!

To enter to win, please leave a comment below with your email address and also tell us what your custom birthday hat will look like (this is very important!).

Comments will be closed on Friday, September 16, 2011 at 12:00 noon EST.

View more of Stacy's fabulous custom designs on her Facebook wall and blog.

Good luck!

Make a Tissue Daisy Fan Backdrop

You've seen the gorgeous tissue and paper daisy fan backdrops around the party blogs...have you ever wondered how to hang the daisies to create your own DIY backdrop?

Tissue daisies and backdrop fans are an inexpensive way to add bold pops of color to your party space.  Just like the fans our moms used when we were kids, now the trend is to group large bunches of tissue daisies (in your party colors) to create a unique and colorful backdrop for your dessert or presents table.

Let me show you one way I like to hang my daisies:

I started with a 24" x 36" blank artist's canvas (that's what I had on hand).  For your backdrop board, really anything will work.  A piece of plywood, foam core, a sheet, plexiglass, a corkboard or even a gigantic picture frame you found on clearance.  You just need something that you don't mind using hot glue on...something that your daisies will be stuck on for a while (until your next party with a different color scheme).

I first tried using double-stick tape.  That was a no-go.  Not secure and who wants tissue daisies flopping off their board in the middle of their party on top of the cake and desserts?  Not me.  So fire up your glue gun and while it heats up, gather your supplies:

  • Hot glue gun and glue stick(s), depending on the size of your boad + number of daisies
  • Cardstock, white or any patterned cardstock you have (will not show in finished product)
  • Scissors
  • Tissue Daisies, Backdrop Fans, Honeycomb Globes (opened 1/2 way) or Handmade Fans
  • Your board, canvas, foam core, frame or fabric screen/backdrop

Cut your cardstock into approximately 2.75" x 8.5" strips, then cut each strip in half.

Fold each 2.75" x 4.25" rectangle in half again.  Then, fold back the edges like you're starting to make a mini paper airplane or a mini "M" shape.

This little piece of cardboard is our TOP-SECRET METHOD for hanging your daisies securely on your backdrop board. Not really, but this is the secret to creating a FLAT surface on the back of the delicate tissue daisies and fans (which are anything but flat). Now you know the secret (wink)!

Now your hot glue gun should be all warmed up right now and ready to get to work.  Open your tissue daisy fan from the package and grab one top-secret mini "M" cardstock piece.  Your going to place the center fold of your "M" into the space where your daisy ends come together.

First, place hot glue in the center fold and press your "M" together. Now place hot glue on one of the "M" sides and press into one tissue daisy cardboard side.

Now squeeze hot glue on the other "M" side and along the other tissue daisy side and press the whole long piece together. Your daisy will be glued together with your cute little flat side now on the back, ready to go on your board.

Squeeze a few strips of hot glue onto your flat backing and press into place on your backdrop board.  This is what the flat strip looks like from the back, attached to my canvas:

Repeat these steps for each tissue daisy or backdrop fan until your board or canvas is all filled up with these gorgeous, bold, vibrant and inexpensive party decorations!

I hope you like this method and the super-secret cardstock folding trick!  You can also finish the tops of your tissue daisies by cutting off the cardboard tops or tying on a big ribbon bow.

Have fun and send us your tissue daisy party backdrop photos to polkadotbirthday@gmail.com.

I'd love to hear what you think or if you have questions, please post a comment.

Michelle's Pink Polka Dot ELMO Birthday Party

Our sweet customer Michelle sent us photos this weekend of her daughter's fabulous 2nd birthday party.  Her theme was an ELMO girl's party in pink, orange and red polka dots!

Michelle compiled a detailed list of her finds and I'll share those at the bottom of the post.  She made a lot of the decorations herself and her friend Stacy Hart Photography of Birmingham, Alabama beautifully photographed the entire event.

Let's start with the gorgeous pink and orange polka dot ribbon topiary centerpiece above...wow!  Michelle made this using our easy topiary tutorial.  She added the pipe cleaner curly-q's for a whimsical touch and I just love that!

Michelle picked the Girl's Elmo Party printable collection from Shindigs and it is a huge set of goodies for $29!

The infamous HowDoesShe? balloon wreath tutorial came in handy for Michelle - more pink, red and orange balloons and more of my favorite pipe cleaner curly-q's make this a special and inviting door decoration for her daughter's 2nd birthday.

Ahh...the food table!  Amazing!  More topiaries, more polka dots, Dorothy's fish bowls and even our popular cake/cupcake box tower tutorial all decked out with Elmo printables!

What a beautiful day for a party!  I love how she decorated the tent with tissue poms, polka dot balloons, little red chairs and a polka dot table topper.  Looks like a magazine, Michelle!

Thank you for sharing your daughter's special day with us, and all of your hard work!  Here's to you and your beautiful family, Michelle!

Michelle's tips and resources:

This is amazing!  I know so many moms will be so happy to see your ideas and be so inspired by you, Michelle.  Thank you!  - Sally

How to Make a Stretchy Bracelet Party Favor

I just love this stretchy bracelet tutorial by itmom - super easy and can be adapted to match your party colors or theme.  This is a great party activity (to keep the girls busy) that doubles as a party favor.

Perfect for party themes like Spa, Fancy Nancy, Pinkalicious, Eloise, Paris, Girl's Night Out, Slumber Party, Sweet Sixteen and more!

Take the birthday girl to the crafts store a few days before the party to pick her favorite beads and satin ribbon.  While you're there, pick up itmom's detailed list of supplies you'll need to make the bracelets.

Choose round beads in your party colors and each girl will have a strand of "polka dots" on her wrist to remember your event!

Thanks for the great party favor bracelet tutorial, itmom!