Tiny Nest Napkin Rings with a Personalized Banner {Tutorial}

We just received a shipment of the sweetest tiny nests (only $2.00 for a bag of 6 tiny nests) and since Thanksgiving is next week, I wanted to make something for our table.

This is a quick and easy tutorial on how to make napkin rings with your hot glue gun, about 8" of your favorite ribbon per napkin ring, cardstock paper scraps, scissors, a Sharpie marker and our tiny nests (or twigs from your backyard would work great too).

I found some lime green gingham check scrapbook cardstock scraps and cut these little flags with my scissors.  They are about 3 1/2" long and 3/4" tall.  Then I wrote "Lauren" by hand with my Sharpie.  Now it's time to hot glue my tiny banner to my nest (or sticks):

Next, flip over your nest with the banner now attached.  We are going to hot glue the bottom of the nest to the center of your ribbon:

After your nest is secured to the top center of your ribbon, flip that over and we are going to form a loop and hot glue the ends:

When I flipped the finished napkin ring over, I added a few more drops of hot glue as needed to secure the nest to the ribbon ring.  All ready for a napkin roll with utensils here:

Ready for my Thanksgiving table!  Now I just need to make12 more....

Let me know what you think of this little napkin ring...and Happy Thanksgiving!  -Sally