Make a Tutu Door Wreath

For Valentine's Day this year, our family decided to host a small neighborhood breakfast.  My daughters are 5- and 7-years-old so I still get to do all the fun and cute party-planning stuff with them!

Guests arrived early Saturday morning to find our door decorated with this Valentine Tulle Wreath inspired by an easy tutorial by Something To Do (found via Pinterest).  Full tutorial below.
During the party we decorated donut baker's hats with stickers and the kids designed their own "Bake Shop" with more stickers (all from Oriental Trading).  I had a teenager craft-helper and the kids even made their own valentine cards.

For breakfast we served donuts, fruit, eggs, bacon, muffins, ice-cold milk, juice and coffee.  I think we'll definitely host this party again!  The leftover heart-shaped donuts from Dunkin' Donuts didn't hurt either....

Here's how I made the Tulle "Tutu Wreath":
  1. Pick your tulle color and cut 16" - 18" long strips (my tulle was from a 6" wide roll).
  2. Find that old embroidery hoop you've been meaning to use (found in the needlepoint crafts section, each hoop is 2 pieces so you can make 2 wreaths).
  3. Sit down on the couch and watch your favorite show or movie.
  4. Loop your first tulle strip under the hoop and tie a knot (ends should match up in length after knot is tied). 
  5. Repeat at least 100 times until you've covered your entire hoop.
  6. You can alternate tulle colors like I did, or make it all one color.  I like the idea of knotting in pieces of your favorite polka dot ribbon or sparkly trims too.
  7. Once covered, take one final tulle strip and make a tiny loop knot at the top/back of your wreath (this will be hidden).
  8. Loop a pretty ribbon through your secret tulle loop for hanging.  Voila!

Here is my source for 6" tulle bulk rolls (100 yards/roll):  Nashville Wraps 

Happy tulle-knotting and I'd love to see your creations!  Email me or post on our Facebook wall.  Your party guests will think you are "tutu-rific"!