Patriotic Polka Dot Party

There are so many great ways to celebrate America, summer and the good 'ole Red, White and Blue.  We like to mix a few polka dot touches into ALL of our parties, especially for holidays like the 4th of July and Memorial Day.  Follow our Pinterest board for even more great ways to bring patriotic polka dots into your summer party decor.
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One of our very favorite ways to bring polka dots into our party decor is with a handmade polka dot banner.  This can be made with paper or fabric, or painted burlap!  Did you know there are large rolls of burlap for CHEAP in the garden section at Lowe's ($10 for 8 yards)?  This has been a party lifesaver for me many times!  We love how the super-talented girls at Eighteen 25 curated this Patriotic Popcorn Bar with Polka Dot Banner for summer parties.
It is perfection to look at - your guests will love this! 

Here is our favorite patriotic entry - learn how to create an inviting Front Porch with Polka Dot Pillows with Midwest Living and your neighbors will feel so welcomed!

There are even MORE ideas on our Patriotic Polka Dots Pinterest board dedicated to your red-white-and-blue polka dot parties for Memorial Day and July 4th.

If you like to "shop the house" like me, walk into each room and open those closets full of old blankets, pillows, fabrics and candles.  Grab anything red, white or blue and pile it all on the dining room table.  I bet you can create something wonderful for your own polka-dot-themed patriotic party or vignette on a porch or table too!

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