Mod Podge Rainbow Dot White Pumpkins

This is my new favorite craft with white pumpkins (use real pumpkin-patch pumpkins or craft pumpkins from Michaels).

Super-creative Halloween DIY Confetti Pumpkins by Cloudy Day Gray have me seeing polka dots in all the pretty colors.

You'll need Mod Podge and tissue paper circle confetti dots (affiliate).

Do you have some extra gift tissue paper and circle hole punchers at home?  You can make-your-own tissue polka dots for this project.  Shown in bright rainbow colors, you could use your own unique color combination like pink and green, orange and black, or team colors like blue and orange!

Once you have your tissue polka dot circles cut and ready to go, paint the entire pumpkin surface with Mod Podge glue.  Then start sticking on your dots.

Once dry, cover with a second layer of Mod Podge that will dry clear and act as a sealer.

Enjoy your polka dot pumpkin and receive rave reviews from all your friends!

Thanks, Cloudy Day Gray for the great polka dot Halloween craft!

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